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Saleen ScanFs (x64)

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Saleen ScanFs (x64)

Saleen ScanFs (x64) | 5.07 Mb
ScanFS is a file locator and disk cataloging utility that enables you to quickly find files that match your criteria. The program offers a real-time search (default) as well as an option to create a disk catalog that stores all file information in a database for offline searching.The database search option pulls the results from a disk catalog instead of scanning your hard drive, which enables you to search removable media, even if the media is not currently connected (e.g. files stored on USB drives, Cds, DVDs etc.).

* Search in single directories or directory groups
* Search and replace in multiple files
* Supports simple or regular expressions for filenames and file contents
* Live preview of file contents, without the need to rescan the file system
* Live preview of images
* Search using multiple file patterns
* Save/Load search criteria
* Full unicode support (filenames, file contents, search results, search and replace)
* Copy/Move/Delete/Rename files and/or directories
* Drag-drop support, e.g. drop files in explorer windows
* Can be used as a visual replacement for the command-line grep command

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