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CGCircuit - Monster Concepting with Kurt Papstein

CGCircuit - Monster Concepting with Kurt Papstein

CGCircuit - Monster Concepting with Kurt Papstein Video Tutorial
English | 1GB
Genre: eLearning

Character and Creature Artist Kurt Papstein, shares his techniques in creating compelling monster busts. This lesson covers the entire process in ZBrush. The lesson begins by sharing design techniques and theories, and creating an interesting base sculpt. Through the detail process Kurt shows you how he typically sculpts anatomy and details like realistic skin. Which lead directly into the painting and texturing of the character. Finally the finished presentation is revealed with material and lighting tricks, rendering, and compositing in Photoshop.
Each part of the process is broken into easy to understand steps through the different chapters.

1 - Introductions: A basic overview of the overall process and a breakdown of things to come.

2 - Gathering Reference: Where to find it, how to use it, and what to look for.

3 - Preparing the Clay: Starting things off simply by creating an armature before we explore the designs. And I share a little about how I work in ZBrush.

4 - Exploring Shapes: There are plenty of technical tricks to understand in order to make your concepting stage faster. Understanding composition is demonstrated and we talk about how we settle on our final design.

5 - Building Form and Structure: Now we take the messy geometry that came about from the design stage and begin to make sense of it in all. It's a little bit of anatomy sculpting mixed with design at this stage.

6 - Reconstruction: Sculpting digitally doesn't always require that you be the most efficient modeler. However it doesn't hurt to know the tools. Help keep file size down and make your life a little easier with these tricks.

7 - Eyes and Teeth: Creating teeth can seem tedious, but here we break it down to a simple process.

8 - Anatomy: Finally we take some time and sculpt the anatomy of our monster with the new topology that we have in place. Also, we will project some of the detail back from the original sculpt onto the new one. Saving us lots of time.

9 - Details and Skin: This is when we finalize our sculpt by adding skin wrinkles, imperfections, and pores. Covering techniques to make the process fast.

10 - Painting and Texture: Conceptualizing the color patterns of our creature while sticking to the rules of nature. Also I'll share how I go about using Masks to improve the texture.

11 - Materials and Lights: With out polypaint completed, we can begin defining our character through materials and lights. Keeping the ideas simple to achieve a believable effect.

12 - Posing and Final Touches: Creating a slight pose in the character will add a lot to the final look of the renders, and help add a level of personality to your designs. We will also talk a little about fibermesh, and how they can be used to add another level of detail to your creature.

13 - Rendering: The rendering process is made simple in this chapter, revealing the essential techniques that are inside of ZBrush, and how to get them to work best for you.

14 - Final Composite: Every render could use a little touchup, and in this final chapter I share some of my techniques and workflows to make future render composites simple and effective.

CGCircuit - Monster Concepting with Kurt Papstein

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